Sprint School Update 16th July 2017

Our next sprint school is on 7th September, we do have a few places still available for this popular event. Please contact David for further details or to get yourself booked in.

Now some exciting news, an extra sprint school this year dedicated to our figure of eight circuit configuration. 

Building on the success we have had with the sprint school and feedback we have received, (and all of the people who have asked when we were going to do it!), we have decided to run a course specially tailored to the also reducing the numbers for figure of eight circuit. This school will build on the knowledge of the single and double lap layouts and so we are limiting access to this new course to experienced competitors and all those who have attended one of our other sprint schools. This, we believe, will allow us to concentrate on the differences that make the figure of eight so appealing. Due to the longer lap times we are also limiting the number of students to 18, unfortunately this has meant that the cost per person has had to be a little higher at £150. The inaugural running of this event will be on Tuesday 12th September 2017 and we expect it to be very popular and so we urge you to get in touch with David if you want to be there on the day. 

Earlier this year we also had a ladies only school scheduled for May. Unfortunately we had to cancel the day, with a view to rearranging it for later in the year.  With the introduction of the figure of eight school we are not able to do this day this year, however we will reconsider this event next year.

If you want more information or just want to talk it through to see if it’s for you please give David a call on 07792 164922 or email him on sprintschool@curborough.co.uk