Curborough Course Layout

Curborough Sprint Course Layout

Curborough Course Layout

We have several graphics on this page showing the Curborough Course Layout to help you as a visitor, organiser or competitor find your way around Curborough Sprint Course Venue.

Organisers and competitors are welcome to use the graphics showing Curborough Course Layout in printed form and on websites provided acknowledgement is given to as a source.

You may also find useful information on the Location page;

We hope you enjoy your visit to Curborough Sprint Course and find our web pages useful.

Width - 4.75m (15 foot) for all track lengths
Single Lap - 831m
Double lap - 1447m
Figure 8 - 1467m


Curborough Course Layout
Aerial shot of Curborough
Location of Services at Curborough
Image showing location of services at Curborough Sprint Course
Curborough Track Direction 1 and 2 Lap
Image showing track directions at Curborough for Single and Double Laps
Curborough Figure of 8
Curborough Figure of 8 Track Direction Guide