Curborough Times

Curborough Times are collated from the Results of Sprint Meetings held at the venue.
In 2018 the Figure of Eight configuration was the most popular.

The 2018 times have now been reviewed from all Sprint Meetings, but not all events will be reviewed as the classes used were too “specialist”- these can be viewed by choosing relevant tab below, or click on buttons to download PDF versions.
Unfortunately some results have not been available despite repeated attempts to contact the clubs for them.



Course Record Short Course
20/6/10..Nick Algar..Gould GR55..3500cc..26.69s

Course Record 2 Lap
18/9/11..John Bradburn..Gould GR55..3500cc..49.11s

Course Record Figure of 8
11/10/15..Alex Summers..Force PT..1098cc..50.73s

Short Course

SaStandard Production Cars <1400cc
June 1, 2014Steve WoodMGZR139640.79Record
September 9, 2018Steve WoodMGZR139641.17
June 24, 1998John WortonRover Metro GTI139839.86Historic Record
SbStandard Production Cars 1401cc to 1700cc
September 13, 2015Martin DomleoFord Fiesta999T40.62Record
September 9, 2018Tim GriffinFord Fiesta 160042.05
ScStandard Production Cars 1701cc to 2000cc
September 6, 2009Mark WilsonHonda S2000200036.99Record
September 9, 2018Paul GlendenningRenault Clio RS200200037.9
SdStandard Production Cars 2001cc and over
September 25, 2005Paul GillDodge Viper GTS800035.12Record
September 9, 2018Simon ParkinPorsche Cayman340035.93
1aRoad Going Saloons & Sports Cars (excl Kit, replica, space framed & non ferrous chassis) <1400cc
May 22, 2011Graham HarveyAustin Mini998T37.16Record
September 9, 2018Keith WatersMetro Advantage138039.64
1bRoad Going Saloons & Sports Cars (excl Kit, replica, space framed & non ferrous chassis) 1401cc to 2000cc
September 13, 2015Fred CurrellVW Golf GTI199635.73Record
September 9, 2018Daniel ReddingMazda MX5180040.61
1cRoad Going Saloons & Sports Cars (excl Kit, replica, space framed & non ferrous chassis) 2001cc and over
May 10, 2009Kenny BrookesMitsubishi EVO52300T32.8Record
September 9, 2018Steve SmithSubaru Imprezza2100t35.35
1eFebruary 25, 1900
June 30, 2018Ian ButcherHonda Integra DC2179735.48Record
1fRoad Going Saloon & Sports Car (excl Kit, replica, space framed & non ferrous chassis) over 2000cc 1B Tyres
June 30, 2018Gordon PetersNissan 350z GT350035.71
2aRoadgoing Kit, Replica and Space Framed Cars <1700cc
October 10, 2015John LoudonWestfield167932.41Record
September 9, 2018John PalmerWestfield SE170033.26
2bRoadgoing Kit, Replica and Space Framed Cars 1701cc and over
July 21, 2013Simon ThornleyWestfield190030.65Record
September 9, 2018Oliver SwadkinWestfield SEW200033.57
2LRoad Going Lotus cars up to 2200cc, VX220 and Opel Speedsters
September 16, 2012Sarah BosworthLotus Elise179633.72Record
September 9, 2018Martin RobertsLotus Elise S2179836.05
2MRoad Going Lotus over 2200cc, VX220 and Opel Speedsters
June 30, 2018Mike HullLotus Exige180036.18New Record
R2Rally Cars 2 Wheel Drive
September 16, 2012Colin ChilesEscort MK2199834.53Record
September 9, 2018William RushtonEscort MK2199836.21
R4Rally Cars 4 Wheel Drive
September 13, 2015Bill RushtonFord RS Cosworth199436.49Record
3aModified Productions Cars (excl Kit, Replica and Space Framed) <1400cc
September 10, 2000Laurence BondVauxhall Nova138933.15Record
September 9, 2018Laurence BondVauxhall Nova138934.53
3bModified Productions Cars (excl Kit, Replica and Space Framed) 1401cc to 2000cc
September 13, 2015Mark WilliamsPeugeot 205GTI190533.96Record
September 9, 2018Owen CuleRover Metro179635.99
July 18, 1999Mike TurnerTurner MK2195232.27Historic Record
3cModified Productions Cars (excl Kit, Replica and Space Framed) 2001cc and over
September 16, 2012Roger BanksAudi S4420031.15Record
June 30, 2018William HuntFord Sierra200033.18
4aModified Kit, Replica and Space Framed Cars <1800cc
June 17, 2012Tim NunnWestfield99830.89Record
September 9, 2018Simon JenksCaterham Supersport160031.43
4bModified Kit, Replica and Space Framed Cars over 1800cc
June 17, 2012Craig SampsonWestfield200030.08Record
September 9, 2018Mark WilliamsWestfield Megabusa1300T31.04
6aSports Libre cars up to 1700cc and Hillclimb Supersports
July 21, 2013Alasdair MercerForce LM159828.25Record
September 9, 2018David LargeRadical PR6134032.57
6bSports Libre cars over 1700cc
September 11, 2016Alasdair MercerForce LM1340S27.74Record
September 9, 2018Ray RowanPilbeam MP43280028.14
7aRacing Cars <600cc
October 8, 2000Glyn SketchleyNova Jedi 13/8949230.54Record
September 9, 2018Will ShuttleworthT8959834.99
7bRacing Cars 601cc to 1100cc
October 10, 2015Alex SummersForce PT109828.11Record
September 9, 2018Stuart BickleyJedi TDF100028.89
7cFormula Ford 1600 Kent Engined Racing Cars
April 25, 2004Keith SollisVan Diemen RF86159833.37Record
June 30, 2018Dave ReedLotus 61FF160036.45
7dRacing Cars 1101cc to 1600cc
October 10, 2015Gary ThomasForce PC-003140027.82Record
June 30, 2018Steve BrownJKS JR01150029.14
7eRacing Cars 1601cc to 2000cc
August 30, 2008Ash MasonPilbeam MP62/82200028.07Record
September 9, 2018Glyn SketchleyForce PT1298T29.45
7fRacing Cars 2001cc and over
June 20, 2010Nick AlgarGould GR55350026.69Course Record
8aPeriod Defined Road Going Production Cars
September 15, 2002Nick StephensGinetta G12159436.89Record
September 9, 2018David WestAustin Cooper S138038.51
8bPeriod Defined Racing Cars
September 14, 2014Robert BirchJomo FF159833.07Record
September 9, 2018Karl DickinsonFormular 130040.09

Two Lap
Figure of Eight