SDCC Members Update June 17th 2020

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Newsletter June 17th 2020


Members will appreciate that when the club started to arrange the opening of Curborough from 1st July we were unsure as to whether members would be ‘champing at the bit’ to get out and about or would be relatively conservative or unsure about getting involved.
Well now we know!!, and it’s the former.  Within 24 hours of issuing the last e-Mail communication the Track Afternoons and Test days were almost fully booked!!, so we have been working to organise some additional events for our members (see below).

We also recognise that not all members are online so did not receive the last E Mail communication and have missed out on booking anything. We are addressing this problem by issuing this by both hard copy and e-mail to all members. However, it is obvious that issuing communications by e-Mail is the most efficient and timely method at this time. Therefore if any member has supplied their e-Mail address to the club but not recently received any of our e-mail communications then please contact Howard Cottrell on to check our records.  Any additional e-Mail addresses for ‘family’ members should also be supplied to Howard.

Unfortunately due to government guidelines and MSUK regulations it is now a fact of life that anybody who is not online will not be able to enter any events at Curborough this year unless they can get somebody else to do it for them.  This is a problem that is beyond the control of the club as we have to enforce all COVID-19 regulations.

Also in line with government regulations relating to the no spectators ruling at any sporting event – we have to suspend the automatic right of members (and guests) to attend (free) any public event at Curborough until further notice. When regulations are eased we will obviously review this decision.

John Williams    Chairman & Comp. Sec.  17/06/20

MSUK Permit Sprint Meetings.

Sunday 2nd August 2020 MG Car Club + SDCC

Competition members will be aware of previous comments regarding the cancellation of some MSUK Permit Sprint meetings at Curborough (and around the country including hillclimbs). Also the cancellation of most (if not all) championships. As you will appreciate all clubs are reviewing the new MSUK requirements and processes for running these events which is involving a considerable amount of work and potential additional cost.

However, SDCC have now agreed with the MG Car Club to operate a joint Sprint on Sunday 2nd August 2020. This will only be open for entries from members of either of the operating clubs and will be on the same basis as the annual SDCC ‘Practice Day’ sprint so at a reduced entry fee of £75 and with restricted numbers (due to COVID-19 rules) and operating the Figure of 8 format.

The Regs are now available on our web site  with the usual online entry facility.  Entries are being processed by SDCC on behalf of both clubs on a first come first served basis with an allocation of half the entry places for each club.  If the reaction of competition members is going to be the same as non-competition members to the commencement of events at Curborough it is suggested that entries are made as soon as possible due to the restricted numbers allowed. As well as providing some ‘action’ for members of both clubs it is also a learning experience for all involved in relation to the current regulations.

Sunday 6th September SDCC Sprint

The normal SDCC Single Lap Championship ‘Finale’ sprint on 06/09/20 is currently under review with a later decision on its format depending upon COVID-19 regulations that will be in force at the time.

Members Track Afternoons.

The Club Track afternoons reported in the last e Mail communication to members on 18th July is now fully booked and 1st August is getting very full   

 (01/08 has replaced the previously advertised 08/08/20)

Members will be aware of previous comments regarding the club trying to provide value for money with the club membership subscription in 2020 and is therefore organising more Club Members Track Afternoons as follows

Additional Dates:-  5th Sept. 26th Sept.  31st Oct. 26th December- Boxing Day.

To comply with current social distancing rules places at these events are limited and will need to be pre-booked by e-mail sent to Howard Cottrell Confirmation of your place, a signing on form, drivers briefing and details for the bank transfer will be provided by e-mail. Driver details, details of the vehicle to be used and confirmation by the driver of agreement to follow the briefing notes also need to be e-mailed 48 hours in advance of the event. Due to the way our insurers provide cover for the club, the club makes a charge for these track afternoons of £5 per driver per track afternoon. Payment must be made at least 48 hours before the event.

Access to Curborough site will be limited and only drivers or club officials involved in the running of the event will be allowed on site. At this time COVID-19 restrictions applied to motorsport events mean that spectators cannot be allowed on site. 

On the day the gates to the site will be opened for participants from 12 noon. Noise testing will take place from 12.30pm. Track opens 1pm. All pre-booked participants must arrive on site before 2pm. Gate control will be strictly operated to ensure that only pre-booked participants and officials are allowed onsite.

Toilets and handwashing facilities will be available but it is recommended that all attendees bring hand sanitiser gel with them. There will be catering facilities available on site for these events with controlled access in accordance with COVID-19 regulations in force on the day.

To ensure an enjoyable and successful event it is important that all drivers must understand the need to drive safely, both on and off the track. Anyone considered to be driving dangerously will be warned - if they continue to do so on the same day they will be going home for an early bath! The emphasis at Member Track Afternoons is on driver skill rather than speed, so there is use of cones to slow down the cars whilst on track.

  1. Club Afternoons are restricted to paid up SDCC members only and subject to the payment of £5 per driver per track afternoon.
  2. All cars must be road legal (taxed, insured, MOT’d on road legal tyres). Please note drivers may be asked to demonstrate proof of road legal status (insurance documentation, DVLA proof of MOT and road tax and tyres bearing an E mark)
  3. Any car that tests at over the noise limit, currently set at 105dB will not be allowed on the track.
  4. No passengers will be permitted for the July event. (for other events this may be subject to change.)
  5. Under 18s need a parent or guardian to counter-sign their forms and also show proof of a full UK driving licence.
  6. Please respect any instructions given by SDCC officials on the day.
  7. Shared drives will only be permitted by members of the same household on the 1st August event and this is subject to change.
  8. Please respect social distancing while on site
  9. To conform with social distancing rules these events will be run from the paddock not from the commentary box.


Competition Members test days

Wednesday 1st of July and Wednesday 8th July are both fully booked

Additional Date   Saturday 4th July 2020     As competition test days involve smaller numbers of individuals than club track afternoons it has been decided to commence operations at Curborough in early July using this format to allow the club to ensure compliance with COVID-19 rules and regulations.

Places are limited so to book a place for this please contact Jeremy Bouckley on 0121 3131609 or 07807 418736

To comply with current regulations an online ‘signing-on’ process will be adopted which will also be used to confirm bookings.


Competition test days for Non-members

Thursday 9th July.  Fully Booked.

These will take place as usual on the second Thursday in each month and places are limited so to book a place please contact Ray Rowan on 07939 653363.

The online signing-on indemnity process as above also applies to these bookings.


Curborough Sprint School 3rd September 2020 - Cancelled

Due to COVID-19 related conditions placed by MSUK/AHASS on all motorsport ‘schools’ the Curborough Sprint School scheduled for Thursday 3rd September has had to be cancelled. Refunds will be provided to all current bookings and we will resurrect the Sprint Schools in 2021.


For persons attending any events at Curborough the following is applicable

In accordance with government guidelines all personnel in attendance must answer the following questions.

  • Have you returned from, or had close contact with anybody who has travelled from overseas within the last 14 days?
  • Have you had close contact with or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID - 19 within the last 14 days?
  • Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days.  A new continuous cough or high temperature or a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

If the answer to any of the above questions is “Yes” then those personnel are not allowed onsite at Curborough.


"Please note that all requirements regarding COVID-19 are subject to change at a moment’s notice to conform to government and MSUK rules and guidelines in force at any time."

Check the club website for the most recent updates on club events.