Madeira Drive Brighton


Brighton council closed Madeira Drive to motorised traffic to allow people to exercise on bikes and by walking during the pandemic.
There is now a lobby to keep the road closed permanently and this has a strong backing from the Green Party in the council.This would mean the end of historic events such as the Brighton National Speed Trials and the Veteran Car run plus many other car and motorbike events such as:The Ace Cafe Incarnation, the Pioneer Run, the Mini run, the London to Brighton Kit Car Run and the Ace Cafe Reunion Brighton Bash to name just a few.

The shops and clubs on Madeira Drive are already suffering badly but if the road is closed to traffic then they will go bankrupt
There are three ways that your members can help.

  1. There are two petitions online for Madeira Drive. One to keep it closed and another to open it up again. The petition to open it up again has twice the numbers as the one to keep it closed BUT we must flood the petition so that ours is 10 times greater. You do not have to live in Brighton to sign this petition, just need to be interested in keeping the road open. Just click on the link below to sign the petition

2. Brighton Council have set up an online consultation where people can express their views about their plans.. Again, you do not have to be a Brighton resident to complete this short survey. Just click on the following link below

3. There is a full council meeting on the 22nd July where we need to present our case so, if you live near enough, we should flood this meeting with supporters who want to keep Madeira Drive open and enjoy the events that take place there.

So come along and let's keep all of these great events going for many years to come.

Please copy this email out to all your members and anyone else that could support this great cause.