Curborough Update 5th August 2020

Curborough Sprint Course has been open and operating for over a month now but with stringent controls to enforce government and MotorSport UK regulations including not admitting any spectators. Other motorsport venues have been able to admit spectators to some events as long as they are segregated from the participants in that event as well as adopting social distancing rules. At Curborough it is impossible to operate such segregation, so we are continuing the no spectator ruling until the regulations change.

There are also controls on entry to the venue which not only include the usual hiring rules and drivers indemnities (including Covid 19 information required) but also any support staff who are required to complete basic information for 'track and trace' purposes  -  all in line with government requirements.

When Curborough becomes more open we will post a statement to that effect on our web site and Facebook and communicate the fact to all our club members. However you can still experience the delights of Curborough by participating in events organised by the Shenstone & D.C.C., other clubs and organisations that hire the circuit, but of course only as a regulated participant not a spectator