Corona Virus


You will be well aware of the current situation regarding Covid – 19 which is drastically affecting all motor sport activity let alone the country as a whole.
Shenstone & DCC are following government instructions and guidelines with regard to the use of Curborough during this epidemic which involves closing down the operation of the course.
The members ‘practice’ Sprint scheduled for 22nd March 2020 has been cancelled and all usage of Curborough is being curtailed in line with government instructions.
This includes the Club Track Afternoon scheduled for 28th March 2020 and the ‘Breakfast’ gathering on 4th April 2020. The following Club afternoon on 25th April will be reviewed nearer the date but as matters stand at the moment is unlikely to take place.
Motorsport UK have cancelled all U.K. motorsport events through to the end of April at the moment.
We will update members where relevant and maintain the issue of the Newsletter but please note that dates and events included in the Newsletter are subject to change.

This post will be updated as new information comes in.

In the meantime please keep safe and healthy and we will see you as and when we emerge from this situation.

John  Williams

Chairman and Competition Secretary

Shenstone & D.C.C. Ltd.

18th March 2020