Timing Services at Curborough

Timing Services at Curborough Sprints

All competitors at Curborough Sprints are obviously dependant upon licenced Timekeepers to provide their run times which are such an integral part of MSUK Speed Sprint events. All timekeepers and their equipment are licenced by MSUK and there has always been a shortage of people who go through the training programme to become a timekeeper.  At Curborough there are also at least three different organisations who supply timing services for clubs hiring the venue.  Consequently, there are different systems in use with different communications and the never-ending supply of marshals on the start line who have different ways of lining up cars although everybody attempts to standardise the process.

It is not surprising then that sometimes problems occur and the services being provided become more difficult. This has been particularly prevalent over the last two motorsport seasons with Covid regulations affecting the lining up of cars, the use of keypads/screens for competitors to use, new displays for competitors and spectators, plus the access required to the online information and recording of all times, split times, speeds etc.

At Curborough the club has installed new displays and has been working with the timing services providers to improve the service to competitors including the recent addition of electricity on the site, substantial re-wiring of connections and the establishing of local WiFi networks. The club is continuing to work with the timing providers to improve the Curborough experience however if any club member is interested in becoming a licenced timing official, please contact John Williams   compsec@curborough.co.uk .