SDCC Sprints 2020

Shenstone & DCC (SDCC) will be holding their usual three championship and invited clubs Sprint meetings at Curborough during 2020 covering all three formats of the course being Figure of 8, Double Lap and Single Lap. The Supplementary Regulations are now available.

SDCC is committed to giving value for money with the Entry Fees for these meetings and in that context is  alleviating costs incurred where possible but unfortunately MSUK have increased the cost of the Permit for each entry by £5. The club is therefore unable to mitigate this cost increase and will therefore be increasing it’s entry fees by £5 for each entry at each sprint.

As in previous years there is a discount for all SDCC members of £10 for each entry/event and therefore joining the club provides a small benefit (as well as all the other benefits of members) –  but the increase from MSUK cannot be sustained by the club without passing it on to competitors.

May Sprint
July Sprint
September Sprint