Championship Update 24th March 2024


Championship Entries are currently lower than in any previous year since it started in 1998 for whatever reasons ( economy or vehicle changes …..?).

The early Championship rounds are currently also down on entries, to a level at the moment which the clubs may have to consider cancellation due to it not being possible to run them at a loss with too few  a number of competitors.

Just to remind entrants that most of the Club Secretaries have reiterated that they do still accept entries by cheque, which they do not cash until event closing dates, to spread the costs rather than paying at once by BACS.

Championship entries have picked up a little in the last two weeks, but are still low compared to previous years, but all entrants need to get entries in with the clubs or risk having less events if rounds do get cancelled by Clubs needing to make an early decision as they have to cancel timekeepers, marshals, rescue etc .

Let’s hope that for this, the 26th year of the Championship, we will get to around the usual number of entries of 70 again, but without the Championship entrants most of the meetings cannot run.  

         Steve Wood